Cleaning Service

Thank you

First, I would like to start by saying how much your support for my company and me has meant to me. Your business is what made this company! I have enjoyed the experience of owning my own business and cleaning for you! As you may have heard, my health has been not so great. Doctors diagnosed with type one diabetes in December of 2018. Because of that, I have found it extremely difficult to do some of the more physical things that I once could. I never know how I will feel day to day. Doing such physical work with diabetes is tiring me out more than it ever has.

I never want to keep doing something if I do not feel that I am capable of doing it at 100%. Therefore, I have decided to step away from Reflections Cleaning Service, LLC to focus on my health and getting well again. I appreciate you for being a part of this! Thank you!

Amy Horn